What "Beta" Means for Investors: Finding Low Risk Investments

Risk in investing that will never go away, but knowing how to manage your risk is something any investor can learn. Learn about low-risk investments here.

27 Sep 2023

Investing Concepts

5 Pro Tips for Wannabe Homebuyers

Looking to buy a home? Then, chances are you know it is not the best time to buy, but for those who are looking, here are 5 tips for the home buyers out there.

25 Sep 2023

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How to Pay Off Debt: Methods to Pay Off Credit Card and Student Loans Debt

The average American now holds around $6,000 in credit card debt and paying it off isnt as easy as it seems. Could investing help? Learn more in this article

21 Sep 2023

Investing Concepts

Money Assistant: Ep. 2 "Am I On Track For Retirement?"

Its a topic on all our minds, Am I on track for retirement? In this episode, Nicole helps Kiera understand where she stacks up on her path to retirement.

18 Sep 2023

Investing News and Analysis

Should You Invest in Communication Services Stocks?

Since 2008, the communication services sector has risen nearly 100%. For investors looking to invest in communication services stocks, heres a great place to start.

14 Sep 2023

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A Guide to Investing in Copper Stocks and ETFs

Copper is one of the most important precious metals in the world, which is why so many investors look to add copper stocks and ETFs to their investment portfolios.

12 Sep 2023

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Trends in AI Ethics Before and After ChatGPT

Magnifi, the AI investing app, analyzed ethics complaints collected by AIAAIC regarding artificial intelligence to see how concerns and interests in AI have grown over the last decade.

11 Sep 2023

Investing News and Analysis

Beginner's Guide to Investing Your First $1,000

Investing your first $1,000 may not seem like much, but for a beginner, it is a huge step. Learn how to invest that money and grow it into your future nest egg.

08 Sep 2023

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Money Assistant: Ep. 1 "How do I overcome financial trauma and start investing?"

In this episode, Nicole helps Paola warm up to the idea of investing, and Magnifi helps Paola build a portfolio that will help her pursue her financial goals.

04 Sep 2023

Investing News and Analysis

Semiconductor Stocks: Investing in the Microchip Industry

Many people forget just how reliant the world is on semiconductors, but the recent shortage has reminded us. Is now the time to invest in semiconductor tech?

01 Sep 2023

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