What’s your investing goal?

Investing shouldn’t take over your life, it should allow you to live it. With Magnifi, you can set financial goals, understand how much you need to save, and quickly see personalized investment plans for each.

Know how to
retire at 50?

Whether you want to retire early or just some
day, Magnifi can help you see if you’re on track
for retirement and see how much you need to
invest to get on track.
Hey Magnifi, am I on track to retire early? Your chance of achieving your retirement goal is 68%, which means you’re on your way to $1.7M!Hey Magnifi, am I on track to retire early? Your chance of achieving your retirement goal is 68%, which means you’re on your way to $1.7M!

Imagining how to
save for vacation?

Step 1: calculate how much money you’ll need,
Step 2: make an investing plan that gives you
the best chances to reach that amount.
How much money will you need for your dream vacation?How much money will you need for your dream vacation?

How much do you
need to save to
buy a house?

Just getting started saving for a down
payment or looking to make the most of your
existing savings? Magnifi can help.
Here are some options to improve your plan: Adjust goal date from 3 years to 5 years; Adjust my savings rate; Show me an optimized portfolioHere are some options to improve your plan: Adjust goal date from 3 years to 5 years; Adjust my savings rate; Show me an optimized portfolio

How can you
invest for a
college fund?

With just a few questions, Magnifi helps you
see out how much you should invest for a
college fund plus investments to get there.
Here is a portfolio that can increase your odds: SPY, IEFA, IEMGHere is a portfolio that can increase your odds: SPY, IEFA, IEMG

Make a plan for your long term goals

Magnifi is the AI that helps you invest — giving you the interactive planning tools
and clear guidance you need to pursue your financial goals.

How does goal based investing work?

1. Set your investment objective

Buying a house? Saving for retirement? Starting an emergency fund? Good start.

2. Assess your plan

Like a retirement calculator on steroids, get serious data in just a few questions.

3. See your recommended portfolio

In minutes you’ll have a personalized investing strategy, fit for your goal.

What if I don’t have a specific financial goal?

1. How much do you want to invest?

Try asking “How can I invest $1,000” or “How can I invest $20,000” — your call.

2. Start with a strong foundation

Magnifi will guide you through equity funds, bond funds, even international.

3. Get a diversified portfolio

See historical performance, projected growth, and start investing in minutes.

Take control of your future

  • Interactive planning and portfolio building tools
  • Judgment-free AI guidance
  • AI-powered help to manage and grow your portfolio
  • Secure linking to popular investing and retirement accounts including Robinhood, TD, Schwab, and more
  • Commission-free trading, so you can invest at your own speed
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When you ask Magnifi to help you plan for a financial goal, you'll first be asked to answer several questions about yourself and your objective. If your goal is to retire at 50, retire at 60, or any age in particular, simply tell Magnifi when you want to retire and you'll get personalized guidance on how you'll want to invest to achieve that goal. Most plans include three variables — the age you want to retire, how aggressive your portfolio is, and how much you'll need to invest each year to stay on track. Keep in mind that there may be a clear path to your goal if you're not able to invest enough each year to attain a realistic probability of success.
There are many ways to invest for a college fund, including tax-advantaged accounts like 529 plans. While you're not able to invest in a 529 directly through Magnifi, you can get personalized guidance on how much to invest for your goal, and a recommended portfolio with the highest potential probability of success. Simply ask Magnifi to start a plan for a college fund, answer a few questions about your unique circumstances, and Magnifi will give you clarity about your probability of achieving your goal, ways to increase your chances, and recommended investments. You can choose to max taxable investments directly in your Magnifi brokerage or invest offline in an external brokerage that offers 529 plans. If you choose to invest in an external brokerage, don't forget to link that account to Magnifi so you can get help managing those investments as they grow.
Yes! You can connect over 200 popular investing brokerages to Magnifi, including Schwab, T. Rowe Price and others, so you can put the power of AI to work on your investments regardless of where you invest in them. There are some brokerages that Magnifi can't connect to yet, but most investors should be able to connect their accounts to Magnifi, including retirement accounts and self-directed investing accounts. Once you connect your investing account to Magnifi, you'll have access to Magnifi's AI-powered portfolio analysis, insights, and recommendations to help you see and manage all your accounts at once.
Magnifi uses a mix of proprietary conversational AI, popular large language models like ChatGPT, and industry leading data sources like Morningstar, Broadridge, and Factset to understand your financial goals and provide personalized investing guidance to pursue your goals. You can ask Magnifi to help you invest to save for a down payment, invest to pay down an existing mortgage, invest to buy a second house, and many other common financial goals.
Short-term investing goals typically refer to financial objectives that can be achieved within a relatively short period, usually within one to three years. These goals often involve saving for a specific purpose, such as a vacation, down payment on a house, or purchasing a car. Short-term investments are generally considered to be less risky and more liquid, meaning they can be easily converted to cash.  On the other hand, long-term investing goals are focused on achieving financial objectives over an extended period, typically five years or more. These goals often involve saving for retirement, funding a child's education, or building wealth over time. Long-term investments are generally associated with higher risk but also have the potential for higher returns.  It's important to align your investment strategy with your specific goals and time horizon.
Yes! Magnifi uses conversational AI to help both new investors and experienced investors make plans for their financial goals. Whether you want help building an investment strategy to start a business, invest to buy a house, or just invest to build an emergency fund, Magnifi will work with you to understand your financial goal, help you understand your likelihood of success, and help you understand what investments are suitable to pursue your goal.
When you ask Magnifi to help you invest for a goal, you'll first be asked to answer a few questions to understand your objective. This experience is very similar to using a retirement calculator (or other types of calculators). Once you set your goal, Magnifi will then help you understand the probability of achieving your goal through investing. If you're on-track, with a high probability to achieve your goal, Magnifi will show you a recommended set of investments to stay on track. If you're off-track, with a low probability to achieve your goal, Magnifi will help you adjust your plan to have a higher likelihood of success before sharing your personalized investment recommendation. Remember, not every goal will have a clear path to success if your goal is misaligned with the amount you're able to invest each year. You should always consider the risks and your time horizon before investing, and only invest an amount that you can afford to dedicate to your investment for the duration of your goal.
Here are some of the most popular financial goals that Magnifi can you invest towards: investing for retirement, investing to retire early, investing to grow a down payment to buy a house, investing for a college fund, investing for an emergency fund, investing to start a business, investing to save for a dream vacation, and investing to pay down a mortgage. When you're ready to start investing, just ask Magnifi to help you build a plan for your financial goal.
Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) are sold by prospectus. Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus, which contains this and other information about the investment company, can be obtained from the Fund Company or your financial professional. Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to invest.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

A 529 plan is a college savings plan that allows individuals to save for college on a tax-advantaged basis. Every state offers at least one 529 plan. Before buying a 529 plan, you should inquire about the particular plan and its fees and expenses. You should also consider that certain states offer tax benefits and fee savings to in-state residents. Whether a state tax deduction and/or application fee savings are available depends on your state of residence. For tax advice, consult your tax professional. Non-qualifying distribution earnings prior to 2024 are taxable and subject to a 10% tax penalty. Beginning in 2024, unused 529 plan funds may be rolled into a Roth IRA assuming the following conditions are met: 1) must have owned the 529 plan for 15 years, 2) can only convert funds that have been in the 529 plan for at least 5 years, 3) rollover amount cannot exceed $35,000 and 4) rollovers must be made to a beneficiaries Roth IRA.