Magnifi is a platform that is changing how you shop for investments.

The world of investments has tens of thousands of choices; and the language used to interact with this crowded world is tickers, screens and filters.  All this makes discovering investments or expressing what matters to you when you shop for investments rather complicated, if not impossible.

Magnifi was built so users – whether they are consumers, financial advisors or portfolio managers – can easily discover investments using natural language.  Our proprietary technology was built on the foundation of semantics (interpreting meaning not just matching), making it easy to for both the amateur and seasoned investor to search for themes and express what matters to them.

Users no longer have to learn a new language to interact with the world of investments.  For some of users such as self-directed consumers, Magnifi will demystify the world of investments. For others such as wealth and portfolio managers, it will save them copious amounts of precious time with faster discovery. For all users, Magnifi will help with smarter decisions.

Discovery is just the first step in shopping. While magnify is revolutionizing this step, it is also helping users with the steps that follow.  While users are familiar with comparison shopping in almost all walks of life, doing that in finance is rather complicated.  Most platforms provide a LOT of metrics that often leave users dazed.  We have built a comparison calculator that can be personalized and used to help you select funds that are more suitable to you based on your preferences.

Why stop there?

We are also connected to most brokerages where you may have an account. So, simply execute a trade from the Magnifi platform.  Or save it in your watchlist and track the investment for the right time. Or simply save in your shopping cart to view it later.

By linking discovery to comparison and action, Magnifi is the revolutionary alternative to the prevalent opaque, multi-step, fragmented and clunky process of shopping for investments.

Magnifi provides a gateway today to over 2,000 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and over 10,000 Mutual Funds (MFs).  Premium users can also access single stocks.

Magnifi is free of charge for users to access ETFs and Mutual Funds. The premium service has a monthly subscription fee of $500 per month that allows users to build their own calculator, access single stocks, print proposal reports and more.

Magnifi will be open to everyone in Q4.

A limited number of initial users will receive premium membership for three (3) months under our Early Access Program.

The selected users will get two benefits:

  • We will refund their first trade on the platform. Not just the trading fee, but the price of the investment for up to $50.
  • They will receive premium membership (at no cost) for a year.

Simply click on “join the early access program” and fill in your details.   Want to increase your odds of being selected – refer us to a friend!