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Magnifi is an AI designed to help you invest — in fact, the world’s first. With Magnifi you can do faster, better research, get help making decisions, plan for a goal, manage your portfolio, and learn while you invest. Magnifi will help you find and buy investments from a marketplace of over 15,000 stocks and funds. And Magnifi can even analyze your existing investments that you hold at other brokerages. Think of Magnifi like a co-pilot for your investing — like Siri or Alexa went to investment school.
Magnifi members can subscribe annually or monthly for as little as $11 per month, depending on your payment preference. Unlike other investing platforms that make money through underlying fees like payment for order flow or percentage-based fees of your assets under management, we don't believe in fees that can incentivize the wrong things like excess trading behavior or putting investing guidance out of reach for the average person. We believe in a simple flat rate subscription, so everyone can benefit and the only thing we're incentivized to do is provide you with the highest quality guidance and technology to help you succeed.
With Magnifi, you gain access to a powerful conversational AI investing assistant, investment search engine, on-demand data, interactive planning tools, and a commission-free brokerage. You can invest directly through Magnifi, link external investing accounts like E*Trade, Robinhood, or Charles Schwab for Magnifi to help you optimize — or both. Magnifi subscribers also have access to high-yield savings accounts to help you earn interest on your uninvested cash while you're waiting to invest it. Depending on the amount of money in your savings account, you may incur an additional small percentage or quarterly fee for your high-yield savings.
Magnifi is integrated with industry-leading technology partners like Plaid, Apex, and Okta to ensure your valuable financial data remains your own. Whether you’re buying and selling investments, transferring funds to and from your bank account, or just logging into the app, your experience is protected.
Magnifi uses conversational AI to help you invest. For less-experienced investors, Magnifi will guide you to understand your investing personality, make a plan for your goals, and find a diversified set of investments that will help you get on track and stay on track. As you get more experience (or if you’re already an experienced investor), Magnifi will help you stay on top of your investments — finding pockets of hidden risk or growth opportunities, stay up to speed on news and trends, and even help you explore new investment types that match your priorities.
When you’re ready to invest, you’ll want to connect a bank account so you can transfer funds for investing. Magnifi uses Plaid to create a secure connection to your bank. Once your bank is connected, just transfer the amount you want to set aside for investing, and you’re ready to go. For some investment types, your funds may need up to 48 hours to “clear” (AKA be ready to use), so it’s always a good idea to add funds to your Magnifi account before you’re ready to invest, so you can put them to use immediately. For many investment types, you can add funds right at checkout, but for best results it’s a good idea to have funds in your account beforehand.
When you’re ready to withdraw your funds (hopefully profits!), you can transfer funds to any connected bank in the same way you transferred funds for investing. Go to your profile, click “transfer funds,” then “withdrawals” or visit You can transfer any funds that aren’t invested as long as they’ve been in your account for at least 5 business days (recent deposits are available for withdrawal on the sixth business day). If you want to withdraw funds that are currently invested, you’ll need to first sell your investments. Beware, selling your investments can trigger a taxable event — for instance, you’ll need to pay taxes on any profits you made.
The challenge with investing today is that so many people have access to make investments, but very little access to the intelligence that helps you choose the right ones for you. With Magnifi, you get an AI investing assistant that helps you access the intelligence you need to make informed investing decisions. Many people expect AI to take over and do the investing for them. With Magnifi, we believe AI should help you be a better version of yourself, putting you in the driver’s seat and then helping you navigate the markets with helpful guidance, efficiency, and support. Whether you use Magnifi to find new investments, research possibilities, compare stocks and funds you’re considering, or build and manage a full portfolio, AI is on your side to help you buy investments in the same way we buy everything else — with better information and much more personalization.
You never know when investing inspiration might strike. Apple and Android users can take all the power of Magnifi with them on the go, with the Magnifi app -- available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.